2006 Meetings

Olympia Thurston County Association Of Realtors
510 Stoll Rd SE
Olympia, WA 98501

7:00PM - 9:00PM

12/??/06 Meeting "Club Potluck"

11/??/06 Meeting "Cooking Demo"
Refreshments: Rory Ahern

10/??/06 Meeting
Refreshments: Bob & Linda Woodall

9/??/06 Meeting
Presenters: Richard Glass
Refreshments: Richard Glass

8/??/06 Meeting "Club Picnic"

5/19/06 Foray "Roslyn Roundup"

Roslyn, WA  5/19/08 - 5/21/08

Foray Notes

Report submitted by Tom and Karen Keller

Attendees: Karen Keller, Tom Keller, Gloria Ford, Mark McKnight, Jim Pruske, Ken Adney, Kim Adney, Shanie Whelan, Daughter-Whelan, Daughter-Whelan, Matt Overfield, Bob Bigley, Renae Rogers, Joe Tillman, Jonathon Tillman, Richard Glass, Bettye Glass, Jason Gu, Rob Torner, John Settle. 

The weather started out very warm on Friday, but by Friday evening it had turned to rain. Saturday was a little wet with the showers, but nice when they passed. Most people found just a few morels, which were few and far between. We still had a great outing anyway, even not finding many mushrooms.

We had a short meeting on Sat., officers attending were: Tom Keller, President and Richard Glass, Vice President. We discussed the Morel Olympics. The prize for the largest morel goes to Renae Rogers and the prize for the smallest morel goes to Joe Tillman. (This idea for the Morel Olympics came from Bonnie Hayford).

We discussed the recent newspaper article about the mushroom poisoning in Lacey, and reminded members to be safe and be sure to identify mushroom with 100% accuracy before eating.

There were many great dishes at the Sat. potluck, so thanks to all the chefs. Most people left for home Sunday morning.

Species found:

  • Morchella elata (Black Morel)
  • Calbovista subsculpta (Warted Giant Puffball)
  • Ramaria rasilispora (Yellow Coral)
  • Gyromitra gigas (Giant Helvella)
  • Coprinus micaceus (Shiny Cap)
  • Hygrophorus subalpinus (Subalpine Waxy Cap)
  • Hygrophorus russula (False Russula)
  • Coriolus versicolor or Trametes versicolor (Many Colored Polypore or Turkey Tail)
  • Ganoderma applanatum (Artist's Fungus)
  • Nidula candida (Bird's Nest Fungi)
  • Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (Jelly Fungi)
  • Tremella mesenterica (Witch's butter)

5/15/06 Meeting

Refreshments: Jim Pruske

The March 15th meeting will feature MORELS!!

Yes, although it's a couple of months until those delectable fungi will be showing, there is only one more club meeting before the Roslyn foray. This meeting we'll see a video on finding and preparing morels. We also need to start planning for the trip to Roslyn.

4/19/06 Meeting "History of Rosyln Forays"
Presenters: Jim Pruske
Refreshments: Mark McKnight

Jim Pruske will present the program for The April 19th meeting. He will present a history in pictures of our Roslyn forays. This should be a memorable show - - lots of wonderful reminiscences. If you are planning to participate in the Roslyn foray this year, please get your money to Melodie at or before the April club meeting.

This will be the last local meeting until September, as the May meeting will be held at the foray in Roslyn and we skip the summer months of June, July and August. However, there is a potluck picnic in August that always has lots of wonderful food ! There will probably be some field trips, too they will be announced when scheduled.

Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Richard Glass. President Tom Keller was teaching a class. There were 21 members and guests present.

Joe Tillman reported that the Roslyn trip will be May 19 and 20. So far there are 18 people signed up. Cost is $12 a night. The May meeting will be held at Roslyn. The potluck will be Saturday night. Karen Keller advised everyone to bring sleeping bags and towels.

There will be a contest for the biggest and smallest morel.

Treasurer Melodie Gates is collecting dues and also collecting for the Roslyn trip.

Jim Pruske presented the program of slides he has taken on previous Roslyn trips. It was very interesting, especially for the new people to see the town of Roslyn and the Roslyn Inn where they will be staying. There were great pictures of all the morels, and giant puffballs, and other species that they will be looking for.

The specimen table had a beautiful, giant 4 inch morel that Bonnie Hayford had found in her neighbors yard.

Other items on the table were:

  • Amanita Pantherina
  • Clitocybe Odora
  • Inocybe
  • Verpa Bohemica
  • Inky Caps (Coprinus atramentarius)
  • Birds Nest Mushroom
  • Amanita Muscaria Buttons
  • Morchella Elata (Black Morel)
  • Morchella Esculenta (Blonde Morel)

3/15/06 Meeting

Refreshments: Robert Whelan

Meeting Notes

Members anticipating information on the morel trip were not disappointed. Leader Joe Tillman said it is hard to set a date so far ahead, but he is hoping May 19-20 will hit the mark. He handed out flyers with all the information. Sign up and send your check to Treasurer Melodie.

Bonnie H. Thought a Morel Olympics would be fun. Roslyn will find Tom with ruler and camera to honor the biggest (and smallest?) Morel. Large morels have been found locally, so keep searching.

Vice-President and Librarian Richard Glass, assisted by William Baker, is cataloging all the Club's library to be put on the Web.

President Tom called about a trip to Fungi Perfecti but they are busy with building. A trip to Ostrom's will definitely be set up later. Program suggestions are always welcome. Renate Rogers is writing to David Arora for a program.

The I. D. Table was covered with many books about mushrooms. The specimens were all from a forest in the Glass's yard:

  • Stropharia ambigua - - black spores; it is known only from the Pacific coast.
  • Inocybe sp. - - small, brown spores; toxic
  • Lenzites - - decays processed wood; a polypore with gills. Now called Gloephyllum

2/15/06 Meeting "Quiz"
Presenters: Gloria Ford
Refreshments: Richard Gaines

The February 15th meeting will feature a program by Gloria Ford with a mushroom quiz.

Meeting Notes

The meeting had only about half the regular attendance - - was it the frigid weather and the cold going around? Recovering president Tom held a short business meeting, reminding members of the morel trip; leader Joe Tillman is scheduled to tell us more.

The program was given by charter member and five-time president Gloria Ford, showing slides of fungi she and Margaret McKenny had taken. Morel clusters and full baskets of chanterelles brought anticipatory sounds. Gloria is soon on her way to Costa Rica, looking not for fungi but for birds.

1/18/06 Meeting
Presenters: Richard Gaines
Refreshments: Tom & Karen Keller

The January 18th meeting will feature a program by Richard Gaines about his fungal adventures at Ledbetter Point, Long Beach.

Meeting Notes

Happily a dry spell came at our meeting time - - the beginning of our 32nd year. These rainy days are perfect for reading, as evidenced from the table covered with books: three attributed to Olympia's Margaret McKenney; the new Paul Stamets Mycelium Running with many illustrations and a good read; a mushroom cookbook by Seattlite Cynthia Nims who is well known for writing about Northwest natural products; and an offering from the Oregon based North America Truffle Society listing truffles with explicit descriptions. The Kellers showed their cherished water color of an Amanita muscaria by Margaret McKenney.

Our 19th president, Tom Keller, introduced club officers and welcomed members and guests. He encouraged all to volunteer for the good of the club. Tom is adding this position to his mountaineering and teaching interests.

The program was given by Richard Gaines, a club member, Evergreen graduate, and devotee of nature. He had the privilege of hunting in Ledbetter Refuge, Long Beach, one October in exchange for a mushroom species list. He found many specimens but the prize Boletus edulis showed only once.