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The South Sound Mushroom Club is dedicated to the finding, identification, and eating of mushrooms. Our primary events are monthly meetings, forays (mushroom hunts) during mushroom seasons, weekend getaways, and participation in local mushroom-related events. You may join the club by paying annual membership dues at a club meeting, foray, or on our Join SSMC page. Please see the "Join SSMC" page for more information.


Next SSMC Meeting

February 20th, 2018 - Tuesday (7:00 - 9:00pm)
3rd Tuesday of each month

Capital Vision Christian Church  <<< Map
Olympia, WA 98506

Presenter: Vance Aeschleman
Presenting: "What’s under that mushroom"


Mycoflora Project


Please join us for the South Sound Mycoflora Project Foray, Sunday Afternoon, Feb 18 at Millersylvania State Park, Kitchen #1,  12245 Tilley Road South, Olympia, WA
Visiting a state park like Millersylvania requires a vehicle to have a Discovery pass, which can be purchased online: https://discoverpass.wa.gov

The North America Mycoflora Project is working to build an “encyclopedia” of fungi on our continent. Recently some members of the South Sound Mushroom Club have put together a path for our area mushroom fans to participate.

We’ve registered the “South Sound Mycoflora Project” and you are most welcome to join in. 

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Read about the North American Mycoflora Project here: http://mycoflora.org

Step Two:  download the iNaturalist app to your cell phone or computer.  Pick a user name and check out postings from others under the “South Sound Mycoflora Project”

Step Three:  Pick up some of the NAMP Field Data Slips at the Feb 18 foray (there will also be some at the Feb 20 SSMC meeting)

Step Four: Upload a photo of a fungus you find with the filled out Field Data Sheet to iNaturalist. You are now a Citizen Scientist helping with the construction of the continent wide data base. 


Coming Soon:  Drying collected specimens and depositing them to a regional fungarium.  This step is under construction. 

Other projects in our area:  Steve Ness is participating in the Mycoflora Project with the Hygrophoraceae of Lower Puget Sound and Regina Johnson is leading Olympic Polypores. Please talk to Steve and Regina about their specific interests. 

Please feel free to come to the park early.  Bring your lunch and join us in Kitchen Shelter #1 at 11:30 am, and we’ll head out around 1:00 pm to scout the park.  We’ll have a campfire to keep us warm and cozy as we bring back our specimens for ID.




2018 Mushroom Events

More events coming soon




Please contact us using this form or come to a meeting if you have any questions.


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