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Club Forms

General Forms

Best method for preserving wild edible mushrooms
Download - PDF 22 KB

Cleaning, cooking, and preserving your mushrooms
Download - PDF 90 KB

National Survey of Mushroom Club Members (2008)
Clemson University
Download - PDF 587 KB

Capitol Forest Map
Map of Capitol Forest (2008)
Download - PDF 849 KB

DNR Recreational Harvest of Special Forest Products for Personal Use
Mushroom limits - recreational harvesting of special forest products limits (mushrooms, berries, cones, conk, etc.
Download - PDF 30 KB

DNR Vehicle User Permits Information
- PDF 21 KB


Forays Forms

Foray Leader Tip Sheet
Download - PDF 110 KB

Foray Report
Download - PDF 176 KB

Foray Sign-In Liability Release
Download - PDF 150 KB

New Member Signup-Single
Download - PDF 258 KB

SSMC Mushroom ID Form
Download - PDF 195 KB

Cle Elum Foray Forms

Reliability Release Download - PDF
Hold Harmless Pets Download - PDF