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The South Sound Mushroom Club is dedicated to the finding, identification, and eating of mushrooms. Our primary events are monthly meetings, forays (mushroom hunts) during mushroom seasons, weekend getaways, and participation in local mushroom-related events. You may join the club by paying annual membership dues at a club meeting, foray, or on our Join/renew SSMC page. Please see the Join/renew SSMC page for more information.

Next SSMC Meeting

October 19, 2021

Virtual - 7:00 - 8:30 pm - Jack Johnson - Mycoremediation Demystified

An emerging field in the Lab, an ancient feature of our planet’s ecology. Many of us have heard about fungi breaking down wastes by now, how does it work? Can it be done at home? Why haven’t fungi eaten all of our garbage already? Jack Johnson is a molecular mycologist who has conducted research on the Industry and current strategies in bioremediation, biodegradable plastics and their ecology with Aspergillus. He can often be found in the woods staring at the ground, and is currently volunteering with FunDis, processing genetic data of fungi. Tune in to learn more about fungal ecology, and to get a better handle on what mycoremediation is, and is not.

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