SSMC Merchandise

Merchandise to help support the operating costs of the club.

Buy the sticker to support the club


During a mycoflora foray, one of our club members discovered a new species of Waxy Cap mushroom! You can celebrate with this 3x3" quality vinyl sticker. It's weatherproof and dishwasher safe. The art was designed by member Rose Tursi to commemorate Jen Chandler's discovery of 'The Devil's Stool' (Hygrocybe cf. phaeococcinea) right here near Olympia, WA.

Buy the patch to support the club.


Check out our club patches! Want one of these sewn on your hat or jacket or something else? 100% of proceeds go to SSMC. We are fundraising for DNA sequencing and other club projects.

Buy the emergency kit to support the club.


We are not dispensing medical advice, so do your research and consult a physician to see if any of these items and suggestions may be helpful to you.

1 gallon zip bag

2 black plastic bags

1 quart zip bag

Orange paracord

Orange surveyor's tape

Small knife


Waterproof match case

10 strike anywhere matches

2 cotton fire starter

Nitrile gloves

Water purification tablets

2 bandages

1 elastic bandage, with metal tabs

4 alcohol pads

2 gauze pads

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