Foray Reports

Foray Reports

10/16/2021 Coastal Boletes

Foray Coordinator - Regina Johnson

16 adults registered for this foray, along with 4 kids and 3 dogs. Being in a state park the dogs had to stay on leash. The weather was perfect for mushroom hunting, despite a rather fierce forecast of rain and wind. The beach itself was very windy but in the trees where we were? perfectly calm, and no rain. Everyone found boletes and learned how to distinguish the true king bolete from all the different Suillus present. The boletes were not numerous but they were big, and in good condition, and there were enough for everyone to feel good about what they found. Two of the (small) kids found boletes as big as their heads.

Species List

  • Amanita muscaria, the fly agaric

  • Aureoboletus mirabilis, Admirable bolete

  • Boletus edulis, King bolete

  • Butyriboletus sp. bitter boletes

  • Cantharellus formosus, golden chanterelle

  • Chroogomphus spp., pine spikes

  • Clitopilus prunulus, the little funny-shaped white ones

  • Hydnellum subsuccosum, a toothed fungus

  • Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca group, one of a complex of false chanterelle species

  • Lactarius deliciosus, milk cap

  • Phellodon melaleucus, another tooth fungus

  • Porodaedalea gilbertsonii, the red ring rot conk

  • Postia ptychogaster, powder puff polypore

  • Russula brevipes, short stemmed russula

  • Russula emetica, the red cap/white stem russula

  • Russula spp. other various russulas

  • Russula xerampelina, shrimp russula

  • Scleroderma sp., the large puffball aka earthball

  • Suillus brevipes, short stemmed slippery jack, with the dark brown cap

  • Suillus pseudobrevipes, not so dark as above

  • Suillus tomentosus, the common yellow slippery jack

10/9/2021 Brown Creek Foray Report

Foray Coordinator - Regina Johnson

Saturday Oct 9 at Brown Creek in the Olympic National Forest saw 9 adults, 4 children and 2 dogs meet to hunt for chanterelles. The day was misty and cool but not actually raining, not windy, not cold, just perfect for mushroom hunting. Unfortunately the mushrooms weren't interested in participating just yet. We went up the road to one of our usual areas, but it has been heavily thinned this past summer and there were no mushrooms of any kind. It was, however, much easier to see people and keep track of the group. After a bit of that we got tired of it and moved to a completely different spot across the river and a little bit higher elevation. Here there were a few mushrooms, but still no chanterelles. By lunch time adults were getting tired and children cranky, so everyone went home. We did find a few shrimp russulas, a couple of waterlogged wooly chanterelles, a red-tipped ramaria and an old varnished conk. Reports for the same day from a separate group that went to the trailhead area were the same - lots of people looking, but no mushrooms. Lauren and Luca came late and found some interesting mushrooms along the beaver pond trail, but this is not chanterelle habitat. Still it was a fine day to be in the woods, and good company, and the children and dogs had a good time.

9/25/2021 Wynoochee Foray Report

Foray Coordinator - Regina Johnson

Chief Mycologist - Lauren Re

38 people attended, 3 of them new members that signed up that morning, and at least one who had signed up at the in-person meeting on Tuesday. Two were little boys who found a lot of mushrooms (but no chanterelles). Steve Ferguson managed to provide sample chanterelles, false chanterelles, and a lobster for attendees to look at before setting out. Most people were fairly self-sufficient but it was good they got to look at the samples first.

Weather was perfect, warm enough and sunny. The brush was not wet, which is not a good thing for mushroom hunting. There were few mushrooms out. One group did find a cluster of lobsters and chanterelles but most people only found one or two, or none. Steve Ness led a FunDIS group and came back happy. Jack Johnson made a species list. Despite the lack of mushrooms of any kind, everyone seemed happy with a day in the woods in what might be the last nice dry warm day of the year. Wynoochee will probably have good pickings in a couple of weeks.

Species List


  • Amanita muscaria

  • Armillaria oystoyae

  • Atheniella aurantiidisca

  • Aureoboletus mirabilis

  • Boletus edulis

  • Caloboletus conifericola

  • Cantharellus roseocanus

  • Chalciporus piperatoides

  • Chalciporus piperatus

  • Chondrostereum pupureum

  • Chroogomphus tomentosus

  • Clavaria flavipes

  • Clitocybe "Grey Group"

  • Coltricia perennis

  • Cortinarius purpurescens group

  • Craterellus tubaeformis

  • Dacrymyces sp.

  • Deconica montana

  • Fomitopsis mounceae

  • Fomitopsis ochracea

  • Ganoderma applanatum

  • Ganoderma oregonense

  • Gomphidius smithii

  • Hemimycena sp.

  • Heterobasidion occidentale

  • Hydnellum aurantiaca group

  • Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca group

  • Hypholoma fasciculare

  • Hypomyces lactifluorum

  • Inocybe spp.

  • Laccaria laccata

  • Lactarius deliciosus group

  • Lactarius olympianus

  • Lactarius sp.

  • Laetiporus conifericola

  • Leptonia serrulata group

  • Mycena strobilinoides

  • Nidula candida

  • Nolanea spp.

  • Phaeolus schweintzii

  • Pholiota flammans

  • Pholiota limonella

  • Pleurocybella porrigens

  • Ramaria acrisiccescens

  • Ramaria cystidiophora var. citronella

  • Ramaria spp.

  • Ramaria stuntzii

  • Roridomyces roridus

  • Russula spp.

  • Russula urens

  • Sarcodon imbricatus

  • Strobilurus truillsatus

  • Tapinella atrotomentosa

  • Turbinellus floccosus

  • Turbinellus kaufmanii

  • Xerocomellus chrysenteron

  • Pholiota malicola group.

  • Lachnelulla sp.

Notable (or noted) Lichens

  • Cladonia pyxidata group

  • Lobaria oregana

  • Pilophorus clavatus

  • Peltigera apthosa

Myxomycetes (Slime Molds)

  • Trichia decipiens

  • Lycogala epidendrum

  • Pholiota malicola group.

  • Lachnelulla sp.