South Sound Mushroom Club By – Laws 

Article I – Name: 

The name of this organization shall be the South Sound Mushroom Club.  

Article II – Purpose:  

It shall be the purpose of this club to encourage, promote, and expand the  

understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of mushrooms as a hobby.  

Article III – Membership: Section 1 – Classes of Membership:  

A. Individual membership - Includes any household family members under the age of 18.

B. Honorary membership – Granted to prominent members of the Fungi community. 

C. Executive membership – Granted to any member, having served a minimum of five years, in the capacity of an elected officer, or having served a minimum of seven years, in the capacity of a nonelected position, such as: Librarian, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Foray Coordinator, Refreshmenter, or as a Committee member. Terms of service are not required to be contiguous, and may be of any combination of positions. Individuals must keep track of their own service, and are required to submit a request to the Executive Committee to be considered for Executive membership. 

Section 2 – Dues:  

Dues shall be determined by a vote of the membership, and include a one time initiation fee.  Membership begins the day you sign up, and shall be renewable, annually, on that day.  

Delinquent members shall be dropped from the club roster, two months after their renewal date, for non payment of current dues. They may be reinstated, back to their renewal date, upon payment of the current  years dues.  

Section 3 – Rights of Members:  

Members shall be entitled to participate in all functions of the club, hold offices, serve on committees, and to  have an equal vote on all club matters. Voting rights limited however, to those persons over eighteen (18)  years of age.  

Article IV – Officers:  

Section 1 – The officers of this club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall be  elected by the membership to serve for one year, which shall begin with the January meeting of the  following year.  

A. President: Shall have the responsibility for the general supervision of the activities and business of the club, shall preside at the meetings and prepare the agenda for the meetings. The President shall also make appointments of chairpersons for special, temporary committees, and of the regular standing committees. 

B. Vice President: Shall serve in the absence or incapacity of the President, assuming like responsibilities during this period, and perform such other executive functions as necessary to assist the President. 

C. Secretary: Shall keep accurate records of minutes of meetings, conduct necessary club correspondence, and such other duties as may be required. 

D. Treasurer: Shall be custodian of the funds of the organization and maintain accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements, and make regular reports to the membership of the funds status and activities. This officer shall also maintain a current membership roster, and in general be responsible for all financial activities not otherwise assigned. 

Section 2 – Vacancies: Vacancies existing in any of the elective offices, between elections, will be filled by  appointment by the Executive Committee until the next election.  

Article V – Executive Committee:  

Section 1 – Composition: All elected officers of the club, shown in Article IV, as well as three (3)  members-at-large, to be appointed by the elected members of the Executive committee.  

Section 2 – Function and Duties: To conduct the business of the club that is more appropriately done  between meetings, such as annual budget preparation, while following the general policies of the club and  any special projects delegated by the membership.  

Article VI – Meetings of the club:  

Section 1 – Time and Place: Meetings of the club shall be held each month at a place and time designated by  the Executive Committee. Exceptions to the monthly meetings may be made provided that an attempt is  made to advise the membership of these changes within a reasonable time prior to the next meeting. Special  meetings may be called by the Executive Committee for specific purposes.  

Section 2 – Quorum: A quorum, for the purpose of transacting club business, shall consist of at least twenty  (20) members present, and a majority vote will prevail. 

Section 3 – Procedures: While it is desirable that informality be practiced, in order to maintain a proper  semblance of order, and to insure democratic processes, each meeting shall be conducted under  Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.  

Article VII – Standing Committees: Chairpersons to be appointed by the Executive Committee. Committees may  be formed, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, to advise on, or facilitate, special events,  activities, or projects. Committee positions may terminate, at the finalization of the special event, activity, or project for which they were formed.  

Section 1 Election Committee: Shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the Executive  Committee in September, to canvas for willing members as candidates for office, whose names shall be  presented at the October and/or November Meeting for election in December, and take office in January  of the following year. Additional willing members may be nominated from the floor. 

Article VIII – Revisions to By-Laws:  

Changes to the by-laws must be made by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, of a quorum of eligible members  present, to be taken at the first meeting following the meeting at which the changes are first proposed. 

SSMCbylaws/030414CH/approved 02-2018