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The South Sound Mushroom Club is dedicated to the finding, identification, and eating of mushrooms. Our primary events are monthly meetings, forays (mushroom hunts) during mushroom seasons, weekend getaways, and participation in local mushroom-related events. You may join the club by paying annual membership dues at a club meeting, foray, or on our Join SSMC page. Please see the Join SSMC page for more information.

Next SSMC Meeting

May 19, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time via ZOOM online - . See club email for the password.

Agenda will be as follows:

    • Introduction and welcome - Rachel Friedman
    • Taming The Wild Morel - Michael Scott Zirpoli

Morel Cultivation and Wild Ecology

Michael Scott Zirpoli is a mycologist and science educator. Michael is currently working as a researcher, lab assistant and teaching assistant at The Evergreen State College. Michael's personal research work has been funded by grants from The Stuntz Foundation and The Puget Sound Mycological Society and in 2018 he was the recipient of The Mike Beug Scholarship. Michael is passionate about education and preserving Evergreen's legacy in the Mycological community. Working with Paul Przybylowicz, Michael helped to reinvigorate The Evergreen Culture Collection isolating over 100 unique fungi from natural settings, providing the school with an invaluable resource for future mycology work. During the course of his time at Evergreen Michael became enamored with morels and has spent close to three years tirelessly studying them in both the lab and in the field.

Michael's current research is focused on morels, studying their taxonomic distribution, ecology, biology and their potential for cultivation. His work has involved DNA analysis, cultural analysis, field collection, and attempts at indoor and outdoor cultivation. Michael will be presenting on the history and current state of morel cultivation, including findings from his own research.

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  • September 19 - Nisqually Land Trust Event
  • October 17 - Anderson Island Fungi Festival
  • October 18 - Kitsap Mushroom Festival
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