Become a South Sound Mushroom Club Member!



The purpose of the South Sound Mushroom Club, is to educate amateurs in the identification of mushrooms, and to encourage increasing knowledge and awareness of fungi. The emphasis is on safely enjoying wild edible mushrooms for personal use, not on mushroom cultivation or commercial picking. Membership and/or participation entail agreeing to the following conditions:

Mushrooms picked on club-sponsored forays are for personal use only and are NOT TO BE SOLD!  Forays are not to be exploited as a way to learn good places to pick or for commercial use. Information on foray locations are to be kept within the club and used exclusively for active members with paid membership dues.

The South Sound Mushroom Club, as an organization or as individuals holding membership, does not accept responsibility or liability for anyone lost, suffering an accident, or health failure, or for any lost, stolen or damage to personal items during events, forays or club sponsored functions.

Going on forays or attending any functions of The South Sound Mushroom Club, constitutes acceptance of these guidelines and conditions.

You must sign a release form when participating on club sponsored forays. These forms will be made available at club sponsored meetings, or on the website for any upcoming events.

The South Sound Mushroom Club annual dues are $10 per person, per year.  There is a New Member Initiation Fee of $10 per person. Students can join for $10 and renew for $10.  So the cost to join the club, per person, is $20 initially, with $10 dues each year thereafter. Membership includes any household family members under the age of 18.

Family memberships are no longer available starting in 2024.