Graham Steinruck Biodiversity Collective

Graham Steinruck presents the Kaua'i Fungal Biodiversity Survey

About the Presenter

Graham Steinruck is a chef, forager, and mycologist. Graham has worked with some of Colorado’s top chefs, and his work features wild ingredients in unique preparations that are inspired by the natural world. He received the prestigious Zagat ‘30 under 30’ award for his dedication to cooking and foraging, and has contributed recipes to  the ‘Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook’ by Eugenia Bone, as well as the cookbook ‘Wild Mushrooms’ by Trent and Kristen Blizzard. He is one of Colorado state’s certified wild mushroom identification experts, licensed to identify over 60 species of wild and edible mushrooms for the food industry and he is the chef of the Telluride Mushroom Festival Fungi Dinner, where he features many different types of fungi in multi-course tasting menus. He recently founded a company called ‘Biodiversity Collective’, an event company that focuses on fungi education, hands-on learning and travel experiences. The organization’s first project, the Kaua’i Fungal Biodiversity Survey was just completed this past November. 

About the Presentation

Discover the hidden world of Kaua'i's fungi with the Kaua'i Fungal Biodiversity Survey, hosted by the Biodiversity Collective. Join founder Graham Steinruck as he unveils the project's background, research methods, and DNA results, accompanied by captivating photos of intriguing fungi discovered during the study. With 83% of Hawai'ian fungi considered endemic, this presentation emphasizes the significance of their ongoing research efforts. Discover the fungal biodiversity of Kaua'i and learn how projects like this are vital for understanding and safeguarding these fascinating fungi. To learn more about the project visit