Mycoblitz 2019

The collection process

Continental Mycoblitz 2019

Several members of the club actively participated in this event. It seems there will be a good chance of many if not all of our collected specimens to be sequenced by the project. Here you can find more information on the project. When the results become available, they will be posted here. Stay tuned. A second date range was added as the first was scheduled during a rather dry period.

Hebeloma or Tricholoma?

Interesting find

Upon posting this observation on the mycoblitz, this mushroom is generating some interest and has been tagged for sequencing already. I guess it to be a Tricholoma, but others have suggested a Hebeloma. A Genus I know knowing about. A small Genus. Mary saw it on a rock bank above the road and used her binoculars to determine it was indeed a mushroom. It came from Wynoochee river drainage - Grays Harbor County.